Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Memoir in Books

Tried a new website- Stupeflix Video! Inspired by the #CLMOOC,in conjunction with the National Writing Project. I decided to create my memoir in books! The site allows you to create one free video and for $5 a month, you can create away! Even has an interview movie maker for those interviews you want your students to create! As I gathered the images for the books that have shaped my growing up and adult years- a story developed and I realized what a wonderful project this could be for a narrative- "My Life in Books" or a memoir on those who inspired me, the reader. I thought about how my mother would read to me and how she would make up stories- my favorite- the talking bus that would come around our neighborhood to pick all the kids up, including me, for school. Later my grandmother inspired me - she was an avid reader herself and it wasn't long before I was into The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. I wanted to be a detective as a result of those books. Later I began reading Stephen King and I recall the first book, Carrie, I had to sneak and read since my mother wouldn't allow it. And the stories go on and on- all conjured from memory as a result of this project.